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Child Development completes global project

Mrs. Leggett’s Parenting and Child Development class recently completed a global project.  Each student was given a country and asked to research attitude toward children, raising children, childcare, and discipline for his/her particular country. 

Along with this specific information, students also included general information about their county including location, size, and population.  Demographical information such as average household size and average household income were also researched. 

Typical family housing and size of housing were included for each country.  Students also looked at cultural influences and traditions for their country which can affect families.

Students used their chromebooks and databases like CultureGrams to complete their research.  Once researching was complete students used Google Presentation to create a visual display for their country to present to the entire class. 

Freshman Ellie Laymon chose Ecuador for her country because she had previously traveled there.  While she was visiting Ecuador she noticed the importance of family.  She also commented that children and even adults were always sharing whatever they had with others.  While conducting her research she found that families are very close-knit and grandmothers often provide childcare for their grandchildren. 

Freshman Remi Roberts researched Brazil for her project.  One interesting fact she found pertained to children and thumb sucking.   Thumb sucking represented feeling lonely or left out.  

Written by: Anna Waldrup
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 by Anna Waldrup

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