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5th Grade Science Project Builds Teamwork

Mrs. Biggerstaff’s, 5th grade classroom was assigned a project to build a car with certain materials and a difficult challenge to follow. Each member of the group had a certain job. Including: designer, builder, timer/GRAPHER, buyer, and a recorder. The group altogether had the most important job, which was to have their challenge succeed.

Throughout this project we had to have a lot of determination. For example, some group’s cars did not work the first time so they had to be determined in order to fix it. Another thing you needed to have was teamwork; you needed teamwork when your team was struggling to accomplish their challenge. IN conclusion, to complete your challenge you needed teamwork and determination but most of all, hard work.

There were a total of 5 groups with their own challenge. The first challenge was the rescue challenge. The goal was to get their car up a ramp and stop 2 inches before the ramp ended in 5 seconds. The second challenge was to build a parade float that moved with air, it also had to go 10 feet in 10 or more seconds. The third challenge was to build a pizza delivery car that had to go forward 3 meters, drop off the pizza then go back to the pizza shop in 7 seconds. The fourth challenge was to build a drag race car that has to go 2 meters in 2 seconds. The last challenge was to build a hospital truck. Their car had to start in the middle of a platform then move to the edge in 3 seconds or more and then roll back to the middle.

IN conclusion, some groups may have failed their challenge but each and every group worked very hard. Each group had a unique challenge and Car, with a lot of creativity and every member gave a lot of effort. Every student definitely enjoyed this project and had fun! I think that our whole class learned that hard work pays off!

Written by: Cambrie Dewulf and Lizzie Corbi, Mrs. Biggerstaff 5th grade class
Posted: Apr 25, 2014 by Jeffery Aten

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