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Union County NC Indian Trail Mayor’s Tree Initiative

4th Grade students help plant trees at Sun Valley Elementary.

SVES welcomed Indian Trail’s Mayor Michael Alvarez, Union County Rotary Club, Parks & Greenway Committee as they planted two trees in the school’s playground. Indian Trail recently won an NC Urban & Community Forestry Award for this presentation in 2013 from the NC Forest Service. Alvarez said, “The idea is to get children outside again playing, learning about the environment, respecting the environment and what it does for them and what we provide for the environment and to give them a sense of community also.” Alvarez feels it is important as he wants children outside before their childhoods disappear.

Danny Espinoza in Ms. Patinka’s 4th grade class said, “The mayor showed up and talked to us about trees. We got to help plant the trees by shoveling dirt in the hole. We learned some facts about trees. We also got to take a small tree home. Then, they said, whoever gets the more pictures, wins a pizza party. And, then we took a bunch of photos.”

Matthew Diez in Ms. Devons’s 4th grade class said, “One thing we learned about was that the oldest tree is 5,000 years old. Which is pretty cool.”

Before planting the trees, Alvarez and his team from Indian Trail talked with students about the importance of trees in our world through a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in the school’s media center.

Sun Valley Elementary School Principal Dr. Terri Cooper said, “It’s very important for our students to have a sense of community. Planting trees is just one way our school is striving to make important connections with all families. It is exciting to think when our 4th grade students graduate from high school, they will remember this opportunity and point out to their friends they helped plant some of the trees that were just planted today.”

The mayor is currently working on a program for individuals to sponsor a tree in honor of someone or an achievement. In the program, the town can plant a tree for a fee.

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Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Apr 25, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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