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Panther's cornerback Josh Norman visits Parkwood

Carolina Panthers Cornerback Josh Norman

On Thursday, April 10th Josh Norman, cornerback for the Carolina Panthers, came to speak to the upperclassmen at Parkwood about working toward their goals and never giving up on reaching goals in life. Norman was invited by senior Kendall Sanderson.

"I wanted Josh Norman to come speak to the junior and senior classes because he’s a great person and has been through a lot. He could give hope to students who aren’t doing well in school and for them not to give up and to chase your dreams and not to take the easy way out of things. I think he got his message through to a lot of students and motivated them to do what they believe in. Mr. Norman is a great person and a wonderful friend of mine and I’m glad he was able to do this for Parkwood," senior Kendall Sanderson said.

Norman spoke to students about the struggles he’s faced in his life and how he overcame them to get to where he is today. "I really appreciated Josh Norman taking the time to speak to us and motivate us to always keep chasing our dreams, no matter what obstacles you may face," senior Cheyenne Simpson said.

After the presentation, students commented on what they learned from Norman. "I learned to never give up on reaching success," junior Bri'Ausha McCauley commented. "I really enjoyed Josh Norman coming and speaking to us. He taught me to go after my goals in life," junior Lauren Brown commented.

Written by: Kaelie Carter, 12th grade student
Posted: Apr 25, 2014 by Regina Snelson

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