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Going Global in Specials

 The Special Area teachers combined a group of lessons with the students here at Marshville to allow them to do global intensive learning of the 2014 Olympics. Each teacher used their teaching focus to shine a spotlight on a global aspect of the Olympics.
In Music, the students were able to study the history of the Olympics and the various traditions associated with it. Then they studied the music emphasis of the “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” by John Williams. The students loved studying the various national anthems of the countries to which they listened. After this the Music Olympics started. The students competed in three different events. The first event was Winter Tempo Charades where they mimed various events at different tempos. The second event was Note Value Speed Skating where the students “speed skated” to complete various measures of music using different note values. The third event was Pitch Identification Curling where a giant musical staff was taped on the floor. The students were then given combinations of pitches like “BAG.” First they had to draw the notes on a staff, doing so correctly earned them points. Then using bean bags they had to toss or “curl” the bean bags onto the staff to the correct line or space.
In PE, each class had the opportunity to draw one of ten countries out of a hat to see what country their grade level would research. The students were able to watch as the medal board (which was updated to keep track of all 10 countries we were following) updated daily to reveal the medal standings. Students went out after each PE class to review and analyze the trends they were seeing.
In Art, the students were able to artistically analyze the similarities and differences in the country they were studying and the USA. They created Venn Diagrams to diagram these differences. After researching and comparing, the next step was to create an Olympic jersey that truly represented their country. For instance, choosing the correct colors was very important, as well as correct spelling. Creating these jerseys not only strengthened their knowledge of other countries, but also helped them realize that art encompasses a lot more than just drawing and painting.
In Computers, the students were able to research about the separate events, athletes and medals earned for different countries and to digitally publish their collaborative work in Google Presentations. Fifth graders made spreadsheets for the medals earned for each country and event and they created graphs in Excel and added them to the presentations.
Our students at Marshville loved having to learn on such a global level and it really brought the Olympics to life for them during the competitions. They were able to hear and see about athletes they were studying, they learned the rules and specifics about the events they were watching, and they were able to watch the Medal board populate daily with the newly earned medals for their countries. Here is a link to a page that contains extra information, pictures and the Google Presentations that the students completed.

Global Site  (https://sites.google.com/a/ucps.k12.nc.us/marshville-elementary-school-globalization-2013-2014/home/cultural-awareness-projects/kindergarten)


Written by: Kerri Edwards, computer teacher
Posted: Apr 29, 2014 by Kerri Edwards

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