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Indian Trail Elementary students participate in Service Project

The Charlotte Marine Corps League Detachment 750 speaks to fourth graders at Indian Trail Elementary about the Fisher House, expressing gratitude for the supplies the students gathered for Wounded Warriors.

The fourth-grade classes at Indian Trail Elementary participated in Global Youth Service Day on April 11, 2014.

Katie Rochefort, fourth-grade teacher Indian Trail Elementary, values the importance of this day and wanted the fourth-grade classes to find a meaningful way to contribute.

Global Youth Service Day encourages youth to participate in community service and service learning. Rochefort said, “The students begin to get a more global perspective when they synergize to help others in need.”

Earlier this year, Cathy Reese, a fourth-grade ITES teacher, arranged for the fourth-grade classes to make Valentines for Vets, which were delivered to the Wounded Warriors at Camp Lejeune by the Charlotte Marine Corps League Detachment 750.

As a Global Youth Service Day project, the fourth-grade teachers decided to involve all classes in the school with collecting supplies for the Fisher House at Camp Lejeune as a follow-up to the Valentines for Vets project.

The Fisher House is a place where families of Wounded Warriors can stay while visiting their loved one at Camp Lejeune.

Several fourth-grade students made posters to hang in the hallways and also demonstrated leadership skills by writing announcements that they read in the mornings and on the live broadcast to advertise the project to all classes.

“I felt that we were helping the people who stay at the Fisher House by making posters to inform people around the school about what the families at the Fisher House need,” said fourth grader Isabella Melendez.

Sierrah Chapman said, “I thought it would be fun to make a poster and show my support for the Fisher House.”

Some of the items needed and collected were paper towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, ketchup, mustard, writing paper, batteries, bottled water, gift cards, and a variety of other items.

Fourth grader Nathan Judy chose to donate a gently used bicycle. “I think it was good to get a bike for them so they can be happy when visiting their family member,” he said.

On Global Youth Service Day, members of the Charlotte Marine Corps League Detachment 750 spoke to the fourth graders about the Fisher House and expressed their gratitude for the supplies that were collected.

Chaplain Richard Mitchells, Senior Vice Commandant Larry Sloop, Sergeant-at-Arms Kellis White, and John Ellis answered many thoughtful questions from the students about their military experiences.

The men later packed the supplies and made arrangements for the delivery of them to the Fisher House at Camp Lejeune.

Fourth grader Ryan Scallin created a video of pictures and music in honor of Veterans. The fourth-grade classes watched the video in their classrooms prior to the visit from the Charlotte Marine Corps League, and the video was previously shared with Chaplain Richard Mitchells.

Ryan was recognized and congratulated for his accomplishment by Chaplain Mitchells.

“I saw some other videos and other people said they were powerful, so I decided to make one. I found out how powerful the videos were, so I decided to make one of my own,” Ryan said.

Lance Demont reacted to the video by saying, “It was a good video and I didn’t think kids our age could put something together like that. I was impressed that he was able to put it together and find the pictures that he used. Overall, it was a great video.”

Chaplain Richard Mitchells said the fourth-grade students at Indian Trail Elementary did a fantastic job collecting items for the Fisher House at Camp Lejeune. “The military is grateful for their efforts in gathering the supplies that will be used there,” he said.


Written by: Cathy Reese, a fourth-grade teacher at Indian Trail Elementary
Posted: Apr 29, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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