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Wake Up To Ag Day At Monroe High School

 On April 23rd, local elementary schools attended Wake Up to Agriculture Day at Monroe High School.  The purpose for Wake Up to Ag Day is for third grade students to learn about agriculture through hands on experience.  FFA members worked hard in preparing and implementing this day for students.  Some tasks in preparing for this event were assigning students to stations, collaborating with people in the community to borrow their farm animals for the day, and preparing discussions for each station. 

At this year’s Wake Up to Ag Day, students learned about agriculture through a number of stations.  These stations covered many aspects of agriculture including animals, farm equipment, and horticulture.  The third grade students also planted their own purple wandering jews to bring home with them.  There were thirteen different stations that were a part of Wake Up to Ag Day, and each one had the same purposes for students to learn about agriculture. 

In 2007, there were approximately 48,000 farms in North Carolina.  Because agriculture is an ever-growing industry, the importance of it cannot be stressed enough.  Through agriculture, farmers raise a variety of plants and animals and use them to produce the food we eat and the clothes we wear.  Wake Up to Ag Day is a fun day for students, but is also a learning experience, as it provides them with insight on the importance of agriculture.

Written by: Heather Yeakley FFA Chapter President, MHS
Posted: Apr 30, 2014 by Judy Davis

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