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Second graders at Shiloh had a Blast with Matter!

Ms. Meleones' 2nd graders "acted like scientists" as they hypothesized/ created/observed/ and completed written accounts about their experiments with solids, liquids, and gas.

Some of the experiments included "Magic Bubbles," "Efferdent" tablets, "Emergen-vitamin C" powder, balloons, water, vinegar/baking soda and of course frozen ice Popsicles as mixtures were created. Screams of excitement resounded in and outside the classroom as the students discovered learning coming to life. They hadn't even realized they were actually "working/learning" until it came down to completing a Tree Map of events. Memories were created and that is what authentic learning is all about!


Written by: Eva Meleones, LEP/ESL Teacher
Posted: Apr 30, 2014 by Meghan Jarrell

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