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Local elementary first graders get mining experience

Students from two UCPS elementary schools got some first-hand gold mining experience recently.

Students from two UCPS elementary schools got some first-hand gold mining experience recently.

Union Elementary first graders mined for gems when the covered wagon from Huck’s Lost Mine brought the mobile gem mine to their school. Unionville Elementary first graders visited Reed’s Gold Mine in Midland.

Their stories follow:

Union Elementary first graders mine for gems at Huck's Mine

By Christie Hinson 

Union Elementary first graders have been studying rocks as a part of their Earth Materials unit in Science.

On Thursday, April 10, students got to enjoy mining for gems! Huck’s Lost Mines visited our school for an in house field trip and students were allowed to pan for all kinds of rocks.

Students had the opportunity of finding a variety of treasures, dipping their dirt tray down into the water, and allowing the water to wash the dirt away revealing the surprises underneath!

Students were allowed to keep the rocks they found. Teachers were also given a large rock crystal to keep and show for their classroom.

Students then returned to the classroom where they identified their rocks using an identification chart, compared their findings with their peers, and researched their favorite rock.

Some of the more common rocks they found were different types of quartz and crystals varying in color including purple, blue, black, green, pink and clear.

Some rocks also contained silver and gold sparkling flakes! Students were amazed to see these unique rocks, which are very different, compared to what they have found in their back yards!

This “hands on” experience has been an excellent way for students to extend their knowledge building on what they are learning in the classroom while enjoying an exciting, fun filled afternoon of exploration and discovery!

First graders at Unionville Elementary visit Reed Gold Mine

By Michelle Medlin 

The first graders at Unionville Elementary were eager to visit Reed Gold Mine in April.

It was a fun filled day of learning about the first gold discovery in North Carolina.

Students were able to visit the Old Stamp Mill that busts apart the quartz to extract the gold and watch a gold panning demonstration.

The highlight of the trip was walking down into the mine and experiencing life as a gold miner.

It was exciting to see the students engaged in learning and applying all they have learned about rocks and minerals.

Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe
Posted: Apr 30, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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