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Third Grade Cleans Up on Earth Day 2014

Third grade students clean up Antioch's campus in honor of Earth Day 2014.

 In celebration of Earth Day, on Tuesday, April 22, third graders at Antioch Elementary participated in a campus clean-up. Students grabbed a trash bag, some plastic gloves, and spread out in teams across the playgrounds and areas surrounding the school.

The Third grade team decided to have a campus clean-up to increase awareness about Earth’s environment and to show their students that each individual can make a difference.
Students picked up paper, broken toys, plastic grocery bags, and food wrappers. The most surprising thing we found was a hoola hoop and an old school banner that must have blown off the building during a storm,” said Michael Franklin. Ryan Edwards was surprised to find a large cardboard box that was as big as a third grader. His friend, Liam Ahern, had to help haul the box to the recycling bin.

“I feel good about myself!” said Avery Edwards.” Me, too,” said Ethan Tommasulo, “I am proud that I helped the environment.” Lacie Rogers was glad that her class was able to set a good example for the younger kids as they cleaned up the K-2 playground.

Students learned that they need to play a part in creating a safer and healthier area to learn and play. Teachers are hopeful that after this campus clean-up students will think twice before discarding any kind of garbage on the ground. They may even pick up litter whenever they see it because it is the right thing to do.

Written by: Tammy Campany, Third Grade Teacher
Posted: May 01, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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