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Waxhaw Elementary walks for hope

Fourth grade students participate in the school wide walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Hope is defined as the state which promotes the desire of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one's life or in the world at large. Does hope have a face? Yes! It was reflected in the faces of all 683 students at Waxhaw Elementary on Friday, April 25, 2014 as the entire school participated in a school wide walk for Relay for Life. As part of Waxhaw Elementary’s fundraising efforts, the wolves hosted a walkathon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Participating students supported the more than 4 million people in over 20 countries who raise much-needed funds and increase awareness to save lives from cancer through Relay for Life.
Every student had a minimum $1 donation to participate in the walkathon during their Specials class times. Mrs. McGinnis, principal, and Ms. Newnam, assistant principal, agreed to wear roller skates for a whole school day if the school reached its goal of $1,500. Waxhaw Elementary students DOUBLED that goal, bringing in $3,113 for the walkathon. The students are excited about seeing Mrs. McGinnis and Ms. Newnam rolling around Waxhaw one day soon.
Leading up to the Walk for Hope, students viewed video interviews of cancer survivors who benefit from the research funded by the American Cancer Society. The school pledged to walk to support HOPE to never forget those who have been lost to cancer, to support those facing cancer, and finish the fight to find a cure.
During the walk, the team’s 70’s theme was continued. Mr. Ryder spun some great tunes from the times, and many students dressed in 70’s clothing and accessories. As the Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Ryder made the walk lots of fun for students and teachers. During different laps, he directed students to walk backwards, to do the chicken dance, to walk like they were on the moon, and walk like different animals.
Special areas teachers supervised the walk, energizing the students as they circled the bus parking lot. Many classroom teachers joined the students walking. A few of them even showed off some stylish dance moves as they grooved to music from the 70’s. The most gracious PTO volunteers made and served snow cones and popcorn for students who brought in donations of $3 to $5. Even Sir Furr, our school mascot, turned up for the event, snapping pictures with many students.
“I liked dancing and singing while I walked,” observed Morgan R, a fourth grade student.
Austin H added, “I liked the lap where we walked like we were on the moon. That was cool!”
The top prize for the student who brought in the most donations was being Principal for the Day. Zach Parks earned this award. He will be shadowing Mrs. McGinnis one day soon.
Students at Waxhaw Elementary learned that great things can happen by working together. It doesn’t take a lot of money to make a difference, and they can be a picture of hope for others.

Written by: Kim Thomas
Posted: May 02, 2014 by Dana Sullivan

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