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Sun Valley Elementary School’s SPLASH program 1st grade student Anabeth Tomalis Wins 1st place in a State-wide Water Toolkit Contest

From left to right in front SPLASH 1st grade students Kayla James, Kaylin Womack, and Anabeth Tomalis proudly display water conservation posters. From left to right in back: International Faculty Vanessa Martinez and Maria de la Rosa.

Sun Valley Elementary School’s SPLASH program student Anabeth Tomalis won 1st place in a Water Toolkit Contest that was sponsored by North Carolina’s Visiting International Faculty. As a state-wide contest, student posters focused on water conservation and how water makes a difference in our everyday lives. Sun Valley Elementary’s SPLASH Visiting International Faculty de la Rosa and Martinez submitted three students posters from their classroom. Tomalis wins bragging rights for being chosen.

First grade teacher Maria de la Rosa said, “We have been working on conserving our natural resources in our class during science and social studies. We then decided for our children to create posters on how they should not waste water. Students in our class then voted on who they felt did the best job so they could participate in their own assessment. Winning this prize is symbolic as students learn how to take care of our earth and recycling.”

First grade teacher Vanessa Martinez said, “I think Visiting International Faculty makes learning global. That’s why I think that it is really important for children to be part of SPLASH and Global Gateway because it gives them a sense of learning about different cultures and about our world.”

By participating in this opportunity, SPLASH students were able to make important connections with our other related water issues involving our environment. Tomalis said, “We were doing a poster of water, and we had to draw a poster of what you don’t want to happen to the water.” Tomalis said water is important “because you can drink it and it keeps you alive.”

When asked about learning Spanish, James said, “It’s fun because you get to learn a different language, and you get to make a lot of new friends and get to meet a lot of people.” When asked what her favorite Spanish word was, James said, “perro which means dog in Spanish.”

When asked what she felt about water conservation, Womack said, “Well I think it is very important for people and for the animals. So, they stay alive, and if there wasn’t any rain, it would make the plants die and without any trees we would die because trees give us air.”

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: May 02, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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