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Grade 5 students experience Biztown!

From Alexis M.: "I think the thing I enjoyed was when our group worked together to get our work done. I also enjoyed when we each had our own job, and we knew what we were doing to be successful in the business world. For example, 2 people at the front desk were checking people in, and the nurse was doing her job. The personal trainer was training, and the CFO was typing in her computer. The biggest thing that surprised me was the nurse becuase to had to check peoples' height. Another thing that suprprised me was the look of our shop. I think the hardest thing was to keep track of what we had to do to keep up with the people that came into the medical center. For example, a girl came in, and then two boys did. I also think that it was touch when I had to be the nurse while she was on break, because people just kept coming and coming! I think that it might help in the future when you might need to write a check, ebecause you will know how to do it. Now you know how your mom and dad feel at their jobs!"

From Gabriella R.: "In Biztown, I was mostly surprised with the fact that we were all given a lot of freedom. We were allowed to go and buy food of our own choice with Biztown bucks, and on our breaks we could sit wherever we wanted. We were also allowed to go and buy different goods and services for our business. The hardest challenge was to manage my time. As CFO, I had a lot of deposit tickets on my desk to fill out for my business and for other businesses. I also had a lot of bills to pay from my business to other businesses that provided a service for me. It was hard to juggle all of my different tasks but still do it on time and correctly. I will e more aware in what I might have to learn to have a better skill in lie. This trip really let me feel like an adult and get a sneak peek of the real world. I definitely am happy I learned how to write a check, a deposit ticket, and a check register, because Biztown showed me that's a big part of life!"


Michael G: "The thing that I liked most at Biztown was that I was busy. I liked how there was always something to do. Whether it was giving each company a business license, or signing papers at Woodforest bank, I loved how the atmosphere was productive. The ling that I did not like about Biztown was signing g a lot of forms and papers! Now I know that I said that I liked how it was busy, and that it was cool signing papers and all, but they were kind of a pain. I had to sign, and I counted over 30 papers. At lunch, I could barely [pick up my soda can. I wish that I could have signed fewer papers. I think this might help me in the future because it gave me a good luck on what the business world looks like. It was a very good experience for me. It gave me a good boost of confidence on what is really out there. Biztown was a very positive experience!"

Written by: Alexis, Gabriella, and Michael
Posted: May 02, 2014 by Rachel Clarke

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