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Third Grade is Wild About Using Collaborative Google Presentations!

In collaboration with Ms. Hill, Ms. Jacobsen, Ms. Coggins, and Ms. Reeves, the 3rd grade students completed research about the communities encompassed in Union County.  

The teachers worked together to integrate reading, writing, and social studies content with a technological component by using Google presentations.  

Ms. Jacobsen’s class researched towns and cities of Union County.  Ms. Coggins’ class researched historical people in the towns and cities of Union County.  Ms. Reeves’ class researched landmarks and events in Union County. These were student-led and generated products, an earmark of transformational learning. 

The entire 3rd grade celebrated their hard work by allowing each group of students in each class to share their research by presenting the information found about their topics. 

They were absolutely wonderful and informative.  This made the students wild about learning! 

Written by: Gina Chisum, Instructional Technology Facilitator
Posted: May 05, 2014 by Megan Hill

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