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Reverend Jim Bention, Sr. selected to represent District One

The Rev. Jim Bention, Sr. has been chosen by the Union County Board of Education to represent District One, a seat formerly held by the late John Crowder.

At the May 6, 2014 Union County Board of Education meeting, the Board of Education selected Reverend Jim Bention, Sr. to represent District One. The district was represented by Mr. John Crowder for 31 years until his passing on March 9, 2014.

Seven applicants sent in letters and resumes to apply for the position on the Board of Education. Board of Education Strategic Planning and Technology Committee Chair Michael Guzman said of the seven applicants for the position that he was "very encouraged to see so many well-talented individuals who were willing to step-up and serve District One."

Board of Education Chairman Richard Yercheck added, "Thanks to all seven that applied. From the pool of candidates that we had, we would have been well-served by any one of them."

In his letter to Board Chairman Yercheck requesting to be considered for the position, Rev. Bention said, "It is with the saddest of hearts that we are in a situation that a great servant like Mr. John Henry Crowder has to be replaced. It is without question he will go down as one of the heroes of our county's educational system. His work will stand forever."

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Rev. Bention has previously served for eight years as the President of the Monroe High School PTSO.

He served for seven years on the county's Juvenile Crime Prevention Council including time as Chairman.

He also served in the roles of Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Union County Board of Adjustment during his six years with that board.

"I come about this desire (not just a decision) because I want to ensure the continued service of excellence that was given by Mr. Crowder," Rev. Bention said. "I will do all to honor him, as well as serve the citizens of this county with the same passion as I have done with the prior positions and commitments of my life."

Rev. Bention will serve until voters select a Board Member to fill the remainder of Mr. Crowder’s term during the general election in November, 2014.

Written by: Rob Jackson, Chief Communications Officer
Posted: May 07, 2014 by Rob Jackson

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