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SPS Occupational Course of Study class makes a difference

Students in South Providence School's Occupational Course of Study class learn about landscaping with Doug Viele of Water Saver Irrigation.

Travis Deese’s class at South Providence School is hard at work making a positive difference in the Waxhaw community.

Deese’s philosophy is that the benefits of volunteering are enormous, not just for the students, but also for the community.

In the past month, students have been afforded the opportunity to assist in maintaining and beautifying the grounds and outside living area of White Oaks Manor.

The students swept and scrubbed three of the four outside porches, to include washing windows and screens, cleaning fans, pressure washing outside furniture, and wiping down exterior walls.

The students also help keep Waxhaw attractive by picking up trash along the streets and in the park/skateboard area once a week.

South Providence Principal Barry Ross recently set up an on-campus workday with Doug Viele of Water Saver Irrigation. Viele took time out of his busy schedule to provide community-based training to the school’s Occupational Course of Study class in landscaping techniques and proper lawn care.

Viele taught the students the ins and outs of landscaping by bringing his crew to the school along with a truckload of donated plants, mulch and stone.

The students spent the morning learning the correct way to plant and mulch shrubs, as well as laying a stone patio in the front of the school.

Deese said that each morning as the students and staff enter school, the beautiful front grounds are a reminder of the reward of their hard work.

In the future, students will be responsible for the care and upkeep of the new landscaping.

Ross and Deese have also put into place an in-school training program where students assist in lunchroom and classroom cleanup. Each afternoon students empty trash, sweep and mop floors, clean desks and wipe out classroom sinks.

This job opportunity has afforded the students a sense of accomplishment and self-respect, Deese said. “SPS students have tasted success and are excited about their future in the job market.”

Written by: South Providence teachers Travis Deese and Stephanie Thompson
Posted: May 07, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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