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Entire Class Earns Microsoft Certification in Excel

Mrs. Bounds’ MSITA-Excel and Access class worked very diligently the first nine weeks of this semester learning everything they could about Excel 2010. Their collaboration and persistence certainly paid off when the entire class earned their MSITA Certification in Excel 2010.

In class, students worked together to learn how to manage the worksheet environment, create cell data, format cells and worksheets, manage worksheets and workbooks, use and create formulas and functions, present data visually, share data with other users, and to analyze and organize data in Excel 2010. At the beginning of the semester Mrs. Bounds challenged the students with a pizza celebration if everyone earned certification. And they did it!

Microsoft provides certification opportunities to all UCPS staff and to high school students enrolled in the specific course. These are the certification courses currently offered at Porter Ridge High School: Drafting I-AutoCad; Drafting II-Inventor; Foods II-ServSafe; Film Production II-Adobe PremierPro; MSITA-Word/PowerPoint-Word, WordExpert, PowerPoint; and MSITA-Excel/Access-Excel, ExcelExpert, Access. If you are interested in certification, see your guidance counselor to sign up for these classes soon!

Mrs. Bounds’ students will take the Access 2010 Microsoft Certification Exam at the end of May. These students believe there is no “I’” just “We” in class, and will go over and above in an effort to get everyone Access 2010 Certified.

Written by: Tawnee Bounds, CTE Teacher
Posted: May 08, 2014 by April Dawkins

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