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Student Art Showcase recognizes student talent

Piedmont Middle School student Savannah Vickers, at right, and her sister, Katherine Vickers, at left, take a moment for a photo with Piedmont Middle School art teacher, Margaret James. Savannah took first place for her sculpture.

Each year on the first weekend in May, Union County Community Arts Council sponsors the Student Art Showcase - a county-wide visual arts competition. 

The Student Art Showcase is the only juried and judged visual arts competition in Union County. While it’s open to all students, K – 12, only high school and middle school students compete in the 10 categories for awards and recognition.

This year’s Student Arts Showcase was held at South Piedmont Community College with Dustin Robertson and Donna Frasca serving as judges. 

The Showcase features the best of the best in Visual Arts Education in Union County; celebrating excellence in innovation.

Close to 800 people visited this year’s show during its two-day run, experiencing the creative culture of our community.

UCPS is proud to partner with Union County Community Arts Council to make a difference and change lives one student at a time!

Following are the middle school winners:

Best of Show
Madison Fallick – Parkwood

Drawing (Black and White)
1st place – Diana Svarishchuk – Sun Valley
2nd place – Abilene Tufano – Porter Ridge
3rd place – Wyatt Carter - Parkwood
Honorable Mention – Maria Moreno – Porter Ridge
Honorable Mention – Katherine Smith – Parkwood

Drawing (Color)
1st place – Madison Fallick – Parkwood
2nd place – Jose Garcia – Porter Ridge
3rd place – Drew Wandzilak – Cuthbertson

Mixed Media
1st place – Luke Edwards – Piedmont
2nd place – Kaylee Broome – Parkwood
3rd place – Addison Mohl – Cuthbertson
Honorable Mention – Baylee Dipietro – Parkwood
Honorable Mention – Brendon Oberer – Cuthbertson

1st place – Emmy Woodson – Porter Ridge
2nd place – Jacco Rampolla – Monroe
3rd place – Kayla Williams – Piedmont
Honorable Mention – Kaven Williamson - Piedmont

1st place – Nina Kouchi – Porter Ridge
2nd place – Danielle Williams – Parkwood
3rd place – Heliana Epps – Marvin Ridge
Honorable Mention – Madison Kelly – Parkwood
Honorable Mention – Ashlyn Livesey – Marvin Ridge

1st place – Rebecca Melako – Sun Valley
2nd place – Payton Feeley – Cuthbertson
3rd place – Shakilya Garrett - Piedmont
Honorable Mention – Felicia Nguyen – Marvin Ridge
Honorable Mention – Maggie Horne – Porter Ridge

Print Making
1st place – Krista Curley – Piedmont
3rd place – Harrison Green – Marvin Ridge

1st place – Savannah Vickery – Piedmont
2nd place – Alana Winiarsky – Monroe
3rd place – Stephanie Shue – Porter Ridge
Honorable Mention – Jose Avila – Monroe
Honorable Mention – Colby Kiker – Piedmont

Computer Art
1st place – Eric Scheffier – Piedmont

Digital Imagery
1st place – Brianna Pergamini – Piedmont
2nd place – Megan Randall – Porter Ridge
3rd place – Alyssa Giroux – Parkwood

Written by: Margaret James, Art Teacher - Piedmont Middle
Posted: May 08, 2014 by Mandy Stegall

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