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NC Rep Craig Horn Visits Sun Valley Elementary

Lamine Bah from Kaylee Whtielaw's 1st grade class discusses his United Kingdom flyer with NC Representative Craig Horn.

NC Representative Craig Horn visited Sun Valley Elementary on Friday, May 9, 2014, to learn more about its Visiting International Faculty and how they are meeting the needs of Union County Public School students. While at SVES, Horn visited the school’s SPLASH classrooms in kindergarten and 1st grade where the students had a dynamic video presentation ready that illustrated just how students learn Spanish. The videos showed students singing, counting while moving, and using descriptive vocabulary of mystery objects found in a small brown bag.

Horn saw students complete global flyers and viewed different presentations in Kaylee Whitelaw’s 1st grade class. Students presented acrostic poems that focused on: WORLD, LEARNING, and their FUTURE. Whitelaw said, “At Sun Valley we are global learners. We are getting ready for the big world out there by understanding and accepting cultures and differences. Being a global learner means we can aim high and get wherever we want to go in life.”

Horn also spoke with students as they completed United Kingdom flyers. When Horn or other guests asked students about their flyers, student learning was evident as children easily gave descriptive examples of what they wrote or drew. Prior to today, when talking about her acrostic poem “WORLD,” Whitelaw’s 1st grade student Riley Lakes said, “Everybody has fun learning about England and this is important because, England is a very great country and I love Ms. Whitelaw and she is from that country.”

When talking with students in Vanessa Martinez and Maria de la Rosa’s 1st grade SPLASH class, Horn said, “I think learning another language is really hard but really important that you learn another language because it teaches you a new way to think about things.”

Later when discussing education, Horn said, “It’s about wanting to learn. It’s part of the deal. It’s why I am here. How many times did I ask that when I was in school? Why am I here? I’ll never use this! Only to find out fifty years later, I use it almost every day.”

For more information about NC Representative Craig Horn click HERE

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: May 09, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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