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3-D Art Display Grabs Attention, Generates Emotion and Conversation

One of the biggest topics of conversation this spring at Marvin Ridge has not been the latest playoff results or the Prom…it has been the 3-D Art Display created by Mr. Roncone’s classes. The display, strategically placed around the school, is the brainchild of Mr. Roncone, and he received a Union County Education Foundation Grant back in November to make it a reality.

According to Mr. Roncone:
“The project was an excellent opportunity to engage students on issues which had personally relevant meaning to them based upon their choices. Our students care deeply about many issues which they face and this project empowered them and served as a vehicle to address their concerns in a creative, socially responsible manner.

There are three vastly different approaches to creating works of art; Formalism – which stresses the visual qualities of an artwork. The focus is on the effective arrangements of lines, colors, shapes and other elements of art, Imitationalism – which focuses on realistic representation of the subject matter, and Emotionalism – which stresses the expressive qualities in an artwork.

The primary purpose of an emotionalist artwork is to vividly communicate moods, feelings and ideas to the viewer. These artworks are often shocking or grotesque and may call your attention to a troubling social issue. They may be either realistic looking or abstract. Whatever the method, the main point of the artwork is to get the viewer's attention in a dramatic way and to impact the viewer's emotions. A good emotionalist artwork will succeed in getting the artist's message across. In my opinion, the students involved in this project, tasked with creating an emotionalists approach to art, succeeded extremely well in their vastly different works of art. I would like to thank all of the staff members and students for their words of support and appreciation and also let them know that their sentiments were passed on to my students.”

One group of students gave this artist statement…which picture does it belong to?

Breaking Free From The Pressures and Stresses of School
• Our sculpture depicts a bright girl coming out of a stressed out, depressed, and very schoolwork-overwhelmed version of herself. She is fed up with the pressures of school that have buried her and her time in countless hours of work and social stress. The bottom person is wearing a terribly dull school uniform. She is tinted with a grey skin hue that makes her appear sad and broken. Surrounding her, and pulling her down, are binders, textbooks, and a backpack. They are holding her down, weakening her, and preventing her from doing what she wants to do. The girl who is climbing out of her is covered in bright, fun, and happy colors. She is wearing clothes that would break dress-code/uniform in a school. Her hair is down and flowing. She has flowers around her neck and sunglasses on her face. She is breaking free from school related people and things that are controlling her life and telling her what to do. She is climbing a ladder that is held up by balloons that say words that describe what she wants to be and what she wants to feel. She wants to control her own life, be what she wants to be, wear what she wants to wear, and do what she wants to do. The ladder symbolizes climbing away from unwanted things. the balloons symbolize floating away from stress and traveling to a place you want to be. ~Juliana Zimmerman, Katie Kummerer, Sydney Collins, Katherine Salvatore

Other artist statements are included below.  Please come and view the display in its entirety and see what all the talk is about.

~Our sculpture emphasizes how much pressure a student receives during their high school career. The bucket with the papers falling out symbolizes the workload that is given to the students during school. This shows that in school workloads tend to pile up eventually leaving the students stressed. The words written on the bucket sum up the school's high expectations of the students. The human form is a student who is being bombarded by school work, school expectations, and the well rounded image each student strives to achieve. The paper is covered with lots of red ink that shows the teacher’s viewpoint and thoughts from a student’s perspective. The papers are overflowing, representing the “overflow” of work and expectations put onto students. The papers come tumbling down onto the student, and he/she is pushed back against the wall, trying to escape the avalanche assignments. The overall message we are trying to convey is that work tends to build up, and it becomes too much for the student to bear while trying to become a well-rounded person.  ~Drew D’Agostino, Sammi Muir, Francesca Nanna, Carly Bretschneider

~The T.R.U.T.H (Taking Real Understanding To Heart): An artist’s perspective~This sculpture is composed of indirect references to the universalized issue of drug and alcohol abuse. The message we were trying to convey through the sculpture lies on the outside, intimidation from a rigorous school schedule, or the inundating pressure that life constantly brings about, may precipitate to drug use, and everything that was once stimulating to that person, will be drained from them, leaving them blank-minded (inferred through the white near the shoulder, and thinking of nothing but drugs. The colored portion of the sculpture is meant to portray the vibrant and exciting personality that any person may possess. The black arm, symbolizing drugs, snakes its way into the bland color of the wall. This is meant to show the darker effect that drugs can have on any person it contaminates, and how pressure from the school is what may be influencing drug use upon students all over the country.~Team High Fashion:  Alec Greenberg, Spanish Scientist Cameron Mazikowski, Paige La Fever, Shaye Stegall

Our group did a sculpture on the topic of censorship. In our sculpture we used a variety of different colors in order to symbolize an individual’s creativity and individuality. The chains wrapped around the person represent the restrictions on creativity implemented by society. The black X markings over the eyes represent the death of innovative and life changing ideas that might have been. The bar over the mouth represents the restriction of free expression in art and ideas. The sculpture’s deferential stance represents an individual’s submission to the censorship enforced by society. We believe that as long as an idea or opinion does not bring physical harm to another person, one should be allowed to freely express said idea or opinion. It should be left up to the individual or their parents to decide what they see and hear and what they don´t, instead of public leaders and institutions. If society is the deciding factor in what one experiences in oneś lifetime, than than individual is condemned to a life filled with missed opportunities and new experiences. We created this sculpture, displayed wrapped in chains, to show this.  ~Devyn Dayton, Aidan Paul, Eilis Finn, Kiera Young

~Artists’ Statement-
(Mariella Filippis, Madison Schreieber, Jenna Sparacio)

The piece was meant to represent the oppression of being censored, limited, or otherwise held back by society. The standard, represented by the torso attempting to swat the leg of the other figure, is holding back, trying to drag the outlier, or any one breaking from the common standard, back into the generic bent of things. The grey of the figure is meant to show the blandness of it, as grey is a simple, non connotative colour, often used to express apathy. The pose of the grey figure was intended to be static and rigid, to show the tension and acuity of being raised to be a generic being.The other figure, who has been painted in an open palate with disjointed blotches and miniature art pieces alike, is meant to represent a person attempting to break from the norm. The grey where the grey figure’s hand is reaching for the colourful figure shows the oppression and slander that the generic places upon any one different, how toxic and infectious it is. The colour on the figure is meant to represent something more vibrant and vivacious; art, a different opinion, something abnormal about a person, virtually anything that would cause someone a disparity with those who would rather all humans be manufactured like dolls and computers to think and act exactly alike, look exactly alike, and live in a constant state of bland, doldrum reality.The purpose of the piece is to debase the practice of censorship and oppression, and celebrate the differences that cause the human condition to be such a curious, wonderful, glorious thing to be a part of. It was inspired by issues that people face almost anywhere, and the belief that people should be allowed to express and be themselves without a fear of violence or slander.


Written by: Lisa Justice
Posted: May 11, 2014 by Lisa Justice

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