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Learning about The Philippines

Recently, third, fourth, and fifth graders at New Salem gained first- hand knowledge of the Philippines through guest speakers Steve and Karen Lynip, parents of Principal Bryan Lynip. The Lynips spent 43 years working in the Philippines and shared information about the country and their experiences while living there. Students learned how to say Good morning (Maayong Buntag) and thank you (Sala’mat) in the native language. They learned that students in the Philippines speak English at school and only have a free education until sixth grade. They have to bring their own desks to school. The Lynips demonstrated how to use a malong (tube skirt) which is worn by men, women, boys and girls. It serves all types of functions including being a ‘dressing room’ or a bed sheet for the wearer. Students in Mrs. Farmer’s class researched the Philippines and were able to answer many of the questions that the Lynips asked them. After the presentation, students wrote information about what they learned and compared the Philippines to the United States. It was a fascinating look at a country that is so different and yet has so many things in common with our country.  

Written by: Carolyn Sherman, Media Coordinator
Posted: May 12, 2014 by Gina James

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