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Rising 6th graders of Marshville visit EUMS

  On Thursday, April 24th, 73 fifth grade students of Marshville Elementary took a field trip to East Union Middle school to attend EUMS Orientation. The student arrived at EUMS at 9:00 am. The principal of EUMS Dr. Ken Hoover welcomed all rising 6th graders including Wingate Elementary students for the EUMS Orientation. Dr. Hoover together with his staff discussed information about wearing uniforms in Middle school, sports and clubs for which they can sign up, locker information, and he talked about being on their BEST behavior and being prepared at all times because you will not know when will you will be asked by Dr. Hoover or his Asst. Principal the question “What you have learned?” All rising six graders were given a chance to ask questions and have them answered by the staff and Dr. Hoover.
Now, all the kids were excited to take a short tour in East Union Middle School. The rising 6th graders were divided by class and each class had two tour guides, the 8th graders served as tour guides. The students were given a chance to see all the rooms, special rooms, cafeteria, Gym and all. The tour guides did a great job in touring all six graders, explaining all the details and answering the never ending curiosity of fifth graders. After the tour, all students were gathered back again in the auditorium to have few minutes of asking any further questions about the school.
The students seemed to be excited at the end of the field trip, the experience will probably be one they will remember before they go to 6th grade. Hopefully, most of the students will have the opportunity to attend EUMS once they will graduate here in Marshville Elementary. Thank you all fifth grade teachers for making this trip a success.

Written by: Michelle Liscano, 5th grade teacher
Posted: May 13, 2014 by Kerri Edwards

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