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The Day First Grade Went to the Zoo

On Friday, April 25th, the first graders, filled with excitement, loaded the two Union County Public Schools activity buses for a fun-filled adventure to Riverbanks Zoo. Not only were the students excited but so were the teachers and many parents who accompanied us to Columbia, SC.

With everyone seated and anxious to go, the buses revved their engines as we departed the Western Union School bus lot at approximately 8:00 a.m. First stop - 8:07. What? Couldn't be! But yes, we really did pull to the side of the road: two buses and countless numbers of cars who are following in the caravan.

Unexpectedly, a student on the first bus had a nosebleed. As we quietly waited for the proper medical treatment to be administered by our well-abled teachers and first responders, we were soon motoring down highway 75 headed to our final destination.

Traveling highways and byways, at about 10:00 a.m. we soon arrived. The first thing we saw as we got to the parking lot was the relocation of the zoo entrance. As we continued our discoveries we learned that the entrance was changed because the zoo was undergoing a renovation.

The children, teachers, and parents met and assembled their partnerships to begin an adventure of a lifetime. Each group made their own schedule to view the animals or gardens of their choice, but stopping to eat lunch with the school groups at the pavilion at noon.

After lunch it was off to take advantage of the reasons we had all come to the zoo! We saw giraffes, bears, birds, snakes, monkeys, turtles among other animals, and lots and lots of people. We ate funnel cake and ice cream; drank Icees and lemonade; but mostly we had fun!

On our way back to school, the children enjoyed animal crackers, Goldfish, juice, and each other as the teachers could tell by their jubilant celebration of sound while riding.

The most amazing part of the trip was when, on the second bus, the "quiet game" began and eyes began to close and bodies began to relax and we, the adults, knew by the sleeping children that a great time was had by all...


Written by: Vicki Lynch, 1st Grade Teacher, NBCT
Posted: May 15, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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