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Sun Valley Elementary Professional Go-kart Racers Excel

Sun Valley Elementary School 3rd grade student Bryson Ruff and 4th grade student Pauly Massimino pose together after racing on at GoPro Motorplex Outdoor Race Track.

Sun Valley Elementary School 4th grade student Pauly Massimino and 3rd grade student Bryson Ruff have what it takes to win big! Both students excel at school and on the race track.

Ruff has been racing since he was six years old. If he had to choose his favorite type of track to race on, he would choose being outside because go-kart racecars can reach top speeds of 65 miles per hour. Indoor go-kart racing top speeds get up to 55 miles per hour. Ruff started racing go-karts outside on dirt tracks. His favorite go-kart racing experience is when he came in 3rd place in an outdoor championship last year.

Jeff Gordon is Ruff’s favorite NASCAR racecar driver. Ruff also had the opportunity to race Jeff Gordon recently on an outdoor go-kart track. Gordon told Ruff that if he won he would fly down his racing team and have Ruff race them. Ruff won the go-kart race against Jeff Gordon. Ruff then went on to beat all of Gordon’s racing team.

Pauly Massimino also likes to drive go-karts outdoors. When describing outdoor go-kart driving, Massimino said, “Indoors is too slippery. Outdoors you can have grip and stuff. So, it’s not always loose.”

Driving go-karts competitively for four years, Massimino’s favorite go-kart racing experience was when he came in 1st place in the Go-kart Championship Racing his 2nd and 3rd year racing and the 3rd year when he got to go to the Go-kart World Championship Racing. When talking about others that are interested in go-kart racing, Massimino said, “It is a fun experience to drive, and it is not always about winning. It’s bigger than that. It’s about getting out there and having fun.”

Sun Valley Elementary School’s School Library Media Coordinator, Kevin Vickers said, “It is exciting to see male students excel in sports outside of football. Both students are extraordinary and have the potential to go far in racing. For now I am going to hang onto both of their library cards, so when they get even more famous, I can say I remember both young men. Boy did they love to read about racing!”

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: May 16, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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