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Biology classes go Global

Tiffany Shreves along with the help of her teacher, Ms. Dilsworth, displays her project showing the effects of the Ebola virus in monkeys.

On May 10th, 2014, the Center for Disease Control announced a total of 233 cases and confirmed 157 deaths of a recent Ebola outbreak in Africa. 

What is this virus? How does it impact the world around us as well as students at Weddington High School? 

To help answer these questions and become global thinkers, students in Ms. Dilsworth’s biology class recently read The Hot Zone by Richard Preston in order to learn more about the virus outbreak in Africa. 

This nonfiction book details the emergence of Ebola, a deadly infectious disease with no vaccine or treatment. Once someone is infected with the virus, Preston reports, vital organs such as the liver "begin to liquify," the skin "bubbles up" into a rash "likened to tapioca pudding," and death occurs with 7 days. 

Could this virus ever reach the United States? The students were able to understand the implications of a global viral outbreak and how this might affect them. 

The students created a project to showcase their knowledge of the virus. The students were given the opportunity to think about the world around them, solve problems, and create materials to illustrate those problems. 

Tiffany Shreves created a poster showing the effects of the Ebola virus in monkeys. Other students created videos, brochures, and collages. 

As a result of this novel study and project, Ms. Dilsworth’s students will be globally prepared to communicate, connect, and cooperate with their generation around the world.

Written by: Kristy Dilsworth, Biology Teacher
Posted: May 16, 2014 by Anna Waldrup

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