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Focus on REUSE Takes Steps in a Greener Direction for All

ShoeBox Recycling is raising awareness and improving education at all levels about the need to participate regularly in shoe recycling, where all of the secondhand goods collected are destined for reuse.

"We were thrilled to become a part of a meaningful program that encourages our students and our community about small steps that have a large global impact, such as shoe recycling for reuse,” said Leah Kuhn, 4th grade AIG teacher.

After learning that over 300 million pairs of perfectly reusable shoes are hitting landfills each year and that the simple act of shoe recycling will help to conserve raw materials, natural resources and energy, students were eager to assist ShoeBox Recycling in looking to change the way people think about their shoes.

In addition, students were excited to be establishing connections with a “solemate.” The shoes collected for this program will provide impoverished citizens in third world countries and undeveloped territories with usable shoes they may not otherwise be able to afford.

"Shoe recycling needs to become as familiar to us all and as easy to perform as bottle, can, and paper recycling,” said Lisa Pomerantz, Queen of Sole at ShoeBox Recycling.
“Our collaboration with Kensington Elementary is a great way to get this important message out. Our shoes can live on and help people across the world while we inspire a new generation to act responsibly.”


ShoeBox Recycling is headquartered in Fairless Hills, PA. For more information, call 888.482.5754 or email info@shoeboxrecycling.com. www.shoeboxrecycling.com

Written by: Leah Kuhn, AIG teacher, along with ShoeBox press release
Posted: May 16, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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