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Blizzard perfect score, Maverick National Science League Exam Team 3rd in Nation

The Greek God Prometheus was famed for bringing to man the light of the Gods, fire, and introducing him to the concept of the question. Prometheus is the emblem of science, of inquiry, and the power of the human mind.

In the USA, the Promethean legacy is honored annually in the National Science League (NSL), designed by a range of teachers designed to test the grit of students’ science knowledge against the nation. This year, Mr. Steven Wilson’s students took the NSL Biology examination, an event in which he has participated for over ten years, with a first-place winning team at Parkwood Middle School.

A group of ten students with representatives from every grade level performed well enough to create a competitive NSL Team, which, compared against national results, received third place. This national placing team was pitted against schools from around the country, from New Jersey to California, and was one of three schools with a national student leader. Matthew Blizzard, freshman, received a perfect score on the examination, a feat replicated by only two others in the entire country. Competitors will receive certification of their positions in the League’s competition, prestigious distinctions heralded by colleges as signs of dedication to science and that Promethean legacy.

Students were ecstatic to receive news of their victory. Many were quick to thank Mr. Wilson--Matthew Blizzard himself stated “the resources that Mr. Wilson provided helped me get that perfect score.” The class prepared “rigorously” and it certainly “paid off” according to Alexa Coe, a sentiment corroborated Bruce Betancourt. The underclassmen students expressed a strong will to “take it [the test] again next year” (Caitlin Heilferty and Alexa Coe among them).

As for the seniors, both Christina Kresser and Brandon McDonald expressed gratitude for the school for fostering the competitive innovative atmosphere which the test required of them--Brandon went so far as to claim he made the test “his prey.” The winning team, in full, was: Matthew Blizzard, Alexa Coe, Brandon McDonald, Lea Holevas, Prakash Mishra, Christina Kresser, Bruce Betancourt, Caitlin Heilferty, John Ranshaw, and Ashley Riley.

While Prometheus was punished for his contribution to humanity, these students stand only to gain. They are all avid adherents to biology whose stellar performances have inspired them to pursue their interest. We congratulate them and Mr. Wilson on their promising performances, and wish them luck as they endeavor to expand on this legacy!

Written by: Prakash Mishra, Marvin Ridge Junior
Posted: May 18, 2014 by Lisa Justice

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