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Shiloh's First International Festival

2nd grade student dressed in a cultural costume for Shiloh's First International Festival

Shiloh's first International Festival was held on Thursday, May 1st from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Families were invited to come out and see how Shiloh students are becoming global citizens!

All classes had projects on display to help our visitors learn more about the world around us. Our Media Coordinator, Mrs. Klutz, organized for JAARS of Waxhaw to provide costumes from around the world for staff and students to wear!

Shiloh’s Global Awareness Club led the pack by donning cultural costumes and stamping passports for students visiting the different areas of the festival.

Our pre-K students, with involvement of their families, created a wall of flags, pictures and items from countries that a student and their parents were from. Preschoolers studied the geography, favorite foods, location on a world map of the countries Argentina, South Korea and Armenia.

Kindergarten displayed projects from their Bunny Workshop unit, where they studied economics and then made products from six different countries. Students made products from India, Russia, China, Colombia, Spain, and the United States. Airplanes, Chinese lanterns, elephant masks, faberge eggs, and castanets made by the kindergarteners were on display, as well as the flag and map of each country.

The first grade hallway was transformed into a quick trip around the world to explore different habitats - from the rainforest to the desert! Students created habitat dioramas to show what they had learned.

Second graders took visitors around the world by highlighting each continent. They focused on maps and culture by creating posters, dioramas, animal illustrations and captions, and even spearheaded a WWF fundraising project to save the Pygmy Elephants of Borneo! They’re still accepting donations to help adopt an elephant!

The third grade focused on how everyday items we use are created all around the world! Students were challenged to bring items to school that were produced in countries all around the globe. Products were shared, displayed and mapped. Some students wrote reports on some of the countries that the products came from and some even created flags representing the countries.

Fourth graders researched sports and games played around the world. Each student chose a country to research. Using the UNICEF website and others, the 4th graders found similarities and differences of the games kids play all over the world. The 4th grade students then created brochures about their countries to display in the hallway. Some students created game boards and taught friends how to play a new game.

The fifth grade proudly displayed the students’ heritage projects. The students had another chance to show off their Heritage Boards once again in addition to Heritage Night that was held in February, displaying information from the countries in which their families came from.

It was great to see families and our community come out to support our students' efforts to show what they know! We cannot wait to see what our next International Festival brings!

Written by: Stephanie Kincaid, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: May 19, 2014 by Mark Greene

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