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What I’ve Learnt From My International Teacher, Ms. Visagie

Second grade created a hallway display about South Africa for Antioch's International Festival

I have learned so much from my teacher this year. She is the most inspiring person I have met. She’s pretty, smart, very strict and loves to wear pretty scarves. My teacher comes from South Africa.

One thing we have learned about is the one and only Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela hardly ever wore a suit and tie, he preferred to wear what is now called a ‘Madiba shirt’. On July 18 every year they celebrate International Mandela Day where they spend 67 minutes to help someone in need. We are celebrating 67 Minutes with Ms Visagie and collecting and packing food bags for children to use over the summer.

We also learned about the food and desserts in South Africa. They eat some weird food like chicken feet, sheep’s heads, Mopani worms, bunny chow, spices and biltong (dried meat like jerky). Now that’s the kind of food they eat in South Africa! In America they have Hershey’s chocolate, but in South Africa they have a whole other kind of chocolate! (it’s way better than ours!) It’s called Cadbury’s chocolate and it’s the best because it tastes like coconut!

They have an interesting flag in South Africa and it is very colorful. The red means the blood form the people who fought apartheid; the blue is the oceans around South Africa; the green is the land and crops; the black and white is for all the different color people; the yellow is the Sun and altogether they make one big happy family.

I liked having an international teacher because she taught us way more about herself and South Africa than any other teacher.

Written by: Audrey Kuhn, Second Grade Student
Posted: May 20, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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