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UCEC Students Attend Diversity Day at Monroe High School

UCEC students pose with representatives from other Union County High Schools for the first Diversity Day event held at Monroe High Schoo.

On Thursday, April 26, the first Diversity Day was held at Monroe High School. The event included activities for student representatives from each high school in the area. Activities were designed to help students understand the cultural differences that exist around the world.
Ten student representatives selected from each of the high schools began their day by getting on the bus to Monroe High School. Once there, the attendees were able to hear how the event was developed for the first time through the MHS Student Government. The day then consisted of branching off into three groups where elements of stereotypes and diversity were addressed in smaller classroom settings. The stations included: a Skype call with an American living in Tanzania; a counseling setting discussing stereotypes; and a presentation on cultural diversity and the importance of accepting differences.
In the Skype call, the audience was able to hear the differences in culture and truly highlight the importance and benefits that exist within America that are taken for granted. In the classroom, students were able to express stereotypes that they had individually faced and grow together in the acceptance and synergy that is required between individuals. The students were able to see a presentation discussing cultural tolerance. The differences and benefits of the levels of acceptance were highlighted through activities that enabled the attendees the opportunities to understand what the image of the “melting pot” truly means to Americans.
At the first Diversity Day Event presented to high school students, Monroe High supported collaboration of individuals from all backgrounds. Opening the eyes of students in the area, the event successfully addressed the issues of prejudice and diversity in a mature and engaging environment.

Written by: Mikaela Maldonado
Posted: May 20, 2014 by Sylvia Roldan

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