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Change for Mexico – Muy Libros!

Lacie, a third-grade student, holds up two books in Spanish that will be donated to a library at an orphanage in Monterrey, Mexico, this June.

We all enjoy our wonderful libraries. Students have nice libraries in their classrooms, their schools, and several public libraries in their county. What if you lived in one of the biggest cities in your country and you had a library with only about 100 books? Also, what if the 100 books were in another language that you did not speak or read?! That was the situation that an Antioch elementary fourth grade teacher, Renee Rogers, saw in an orphanage in Monterrey, Mexico last summer.

Antioch Elementary wanted to help buy books for those orphans to have Spanish books that they can read and enjoy this summer. They participated in a change drive, and collected over $300 that bought over 100 books for the orphans’ library. This school global project can help the orphans find a love for reading that they may not have. The books will be hand delivered in June and will hopefully bring smiles to their faces! Gracias, Antioch Elementary!

Written by: Renee Rogers, Fourth-grade teacher
Posted: May 22, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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