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Ms. Shuford "puckers up" to Kiss The Cow

Mrs. Shuford "puckers up" for a good cause!

The annual "Kiss the Cow" fundraiser for Heifer International has come to a close. Students brought in donations for Heifer International daily. Donations counted as votes for the teacher they would like to see KISS A COW!!!! The contributions were totaled daily, and updates are given each morning during announcements. The teacher with the greatest amount of donations at the end of the week "puckered up" to smooch with Annabelle (the dairy cow).
Lucky Mrs. Shuford was pumped up to spend her birthday smooching in the bus lot with Annabelle!!!
This year's efforts totaled more than $550 dollars!!! These contributions will go towards purchasing a cow and other livestock for families in need. Please visit http://www.heifer.org/ to learn more about Heifer International.


Written by: Diane Boyce
Posted: May 28, 2014 by Stacie Davis

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