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Earth Science Students Study Ecological Biomes

Students in Ms. Winfree's 9th grade Earth Science class have been studying ecology and began working on a group project on the World's biomes.

Students were assigned various ecological biomes from around the world and were asked to create a visual display of their biome.  Students included information on local recreational activities, points of interest, and unique geographical aspects of their region.  

Students spent the week researching their biome using their chromebooks and online databases provided by the county.  

Once all groups had completed their project, they visited all of the various biomes using their biome passport. On their journey, they identified the global importance of each biome.

Biomes Included:

Tropical Rainforest
Coral Reefs

After completing this project students were able to compare and contrast various geographical and ecological aspects of all of the world's major biomes.

Written by: Ms. Susan Winfree, Science Teacher
Posted: May 30, 2014 by Anna Waldrup

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