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Global Awareness and Foods Classes Team Up

Seniors Addie McCraw and Gabriella Del Valle enjoy hummus and pita chips, a dish native to Iraq, served by junior Garrett Murray.

Mr. Dustin Allen’s Global Awareness class teamed up with Ms. Carnathan’s Foods class to do a collaborative globalization activity that both classes could enjoy. The idea was that Mr. Allen’s class would teach Ms. Carnathan’s class about certain countries in the Middle East, and in return, Ms. Carnathan’s class would cook everyone a specific dish that originated from each country.

Mr. Allen said, “I came up with the collaboration idea when I knew I was going to be teaching Global Awareness. I felt that it would be a good way for my students to learn by doing research and teaching another class about their individual country. When you teach something it helps you to really understand what you are learning. I thought it would be a good idea to team up with the Foods class, so that they could have a chance to cook foods from another culture, and my students would have the opportunity to try some different foods!”

Senior Kirby Crutchfield said, “The presentations were very informative, I learned about different countries and how people are affected in these different countries. Also, the food was great. I love to eat. They put a lot of effort in the preparation of the dishes and you could tell.”

Each group had a specific country from Saudi Arabia to Iraq and Iran. They had to come up with a 50 minute presentation with personal stories and videos.

The students in the Foods class listened very intently while the presentations went on but you could tell everyone was ready to cook and eat!

Junior Garrett Murray said, “I loved the presentations but my favorite part was cooking for Allen’s class; we got to show off all of our skills we learned from Ms. Carnathan. Also, I loved the look on everyone’s face when they enjoyed the food!”

Altogether the experience was great. Everyone learned from the presentations and they came to life in the food that was served.

Written by: CHS senior Addie McCraw
Posted: May 30, 2014 by Paula White

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