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Students Create a Spanish Market

 In Ms. Knapp’s Spanish II class the students recreated a Spanish market place. Students set up stands all around the room selling various things from candy and clothing to bracelets and shoes. We used euros and bought items from our fellow classmates. We spoke only in Spanish as we bargained back and forth as native Spanish speakers do in Mexico. “¡Demasiado caro!” “Too high!” you heard students exclaiming from across the room. The students were really getting into it.


Recreating a Spanish market place was a great real world experience because we got to show our communication skills in a fun way. Bringing in food and bracelets made the experience as authentic as we could have had it given we were in a classroom in America. We learned about prices and bargaining.  Overall it was very helpful to be able to use the vocabulary in a global situation which didn’t have a set outcome. It was the highlight of the semester.


Written by: Anna Waldrup
Posted: May 30, 2014 by Anna Waldrup

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