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Second Graders Study Life Cycles

During our last science unit of the year we have studied the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly. Before both animals arrived we learned the life cycles of each. We also learned their diet.
When the caterpillars arrived they were in the second stage, the caterpillar. I put each caterpillar in a small cup with an ample amount of food and put the caterpillar on the desk of each student. After a little longer than a week we put the cups on the back shelf to await the next step in the life cycle. We were able to see the caterpillars grow into a chrysalis. Over Memorial Day weekend they grew into a Painted Lady butterfly. Some students had the opportunity to let the butterfly land on their hand. Being new butterflies they are gaining strength and are not very mobile yet.
When the frogs arrived they were in their second stage, the tadpole. The tadpole life cycle is much slower. The back legs of the tadpole have now grown out and we are waiting on the front legs. Every week one fourth of the water should be changed to help the tadpole stay healthy. Also food is given 2-3 times a week.
The students have really enjoyed seeing these two life cycles and learning the process of the two animals. Using real life animals has had a positive impact on students learning the life cycle of the frog and butterfly.

Written by: Jarrod Stegall, second grade teacher
Posted: Jun 03, 2014 by Kerri Edwards

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