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A Matter of Survival: A Thrilling Adaptation of 'Othello'

Mrs. Sammon’s spring semester English II honors class joined together to create an Othello movie trailer to help the students better understand the drama.

The class first kicked off the project by voting two peers to be director and co-director of the play. Cara Lazenby was elected as director while Randi Holmes was elected to be co-director. The class also voted on what theme to use for the play. As a result, the theme of CBS’s Survivor was chosen. “The reason why I think Survivor was such a good theme for the trailer is because like in Othello, there were a lot of false alliances and betrayal,” Cara Lazenby said.

Students were given an opportunity to choose a role in the production. Characters, costumes, props/location, Google site, music, script writer, and minute keeper were all possible project jobs. “I chose locations as my job in the project because I thought it would be fun, and not too difficult. I had a vision of where I thought it would be kinda cool for the actors to be, and the locations actually went along with the script,” Geovanni Viveros said.

While script writers started to prepare a script for the actors and actresses, the Google site creator was in the progress of being created. On the Google site, people are able to access specific information pertaining to the play. Costume people set out to find the most suitable clothing for actors and actresses to wear. Prop people were looking for items such as a hidden immunity idol and additional props. Location people searched for the best places to shoot scenes for the play. Music people were listening to tracks to play for the scenes. While all of the students were performing their roles in the play, the minute keeper kept track of all of the times that the director and co-director met with different groups.

Mr. Vivian's film II class worked alongside the director and co-director to help make an image a reality. The class filmed for Mrs. Sammons and assisted in the editing process.

Now that the class has survived shooting a trailer with each other, students are eager to see the final product.

Click here to view Othello movie trailer.

Written by: Dezeray Skoloda, Sophomore
Posted: Jun 05, 2014 by Carrie Mabry

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