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Reconstructing the Hunley

American Civil War class Hunley

Andrew Starnes' Civil War Honors class decided to take on an unusual task as a class project for the final grading period this semester. "The class really showed interest in the Hunley when we were going over it in class and I figured to go with what got them excited," said Starnes.

The objective seemed to be a little far fetched for most high school classes. Objective: Complete a full size reconstruction of the Hunley. Starnes said he knew the project might fall short of expectations given that all of their resources would be supplied by his students. "I was very happy how it turned out; the kids refused to settle for our first attempt and wanted to do it better," he commented.

The first attempt refers to a mesh fence frame with garbage bags covering the skeleton. "We quickly figured out this really would have looked bad if we just settled for completion," said Hunter Rutledge, a senior who said he has enjoyed the Social Studies elective.

In the end the class completed their objective and now have a close to full size model of the Hunley. The project took about two weeks total and all materials were brought in by the students. "My hope is that my class understands and appreciates the sacrifice all three crews of the Hunley made at a pivotal time in American history," Starnes added.

Andrew Starnes is in his fourth year teaching at Parkwood and says he has enjoyed teaching the American Civil War elective, especially since this is the first opportunity he has had since student teaching at Porter Ridge High School.  


Written by: Andrew Starnes, Social Studies Teacher
Posted: Jun 05, 2014 by Regina Snelson

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