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Ecosystems around the world!

Boy, school sure does have a lot of things for students to learn! They spend a lot of their time learning how to multiply and divide fractions, keeping numerators and denominators straight, and understanding the differences between metric and standard measure. Thank goodness for Gallon Man and my dear old Aunt Sally. Where would everyone be without them?

Science this year has really been interesting. 5th graders have learned all about heat and energy, chemical changes, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and Mr. Brock’s personal favorite, decomposers. They are the guys that clean up all the dead plants and animals. If it weren’t for them this world would be a real mess! One of the most fascinating subjects 5th graders studied this year in science was the biomes and ecosystems that make up the world. Everyone in Mr. Brock’s class picked their favorite ecosystem and biome and studied and researched it for days. Our world is divided up by climate into a wide variety of ecosystems.

Students found that the biome of North Carolina is the Temperate Forest. The Temperate Forest is just one type of forest in the world. Way up north is the Taiga and down near the equator is the Tropical Rainforest. The Temperate Forest is full of trees that lose their leaves every fall. You get to rake them up and jump and play in the enormous piles of leaves you make. But did you know that the Temperate Forest is not just in the United States? There are Temperate Forests all over the world that lie between the equator and the taiga. Students also found out that Temperate Forests in Europe have a lot of trees and plants in them that are different than those in North Carolina even though they are both Temperate Forests and then in Asia they are still different.

The same is true for the other biomes in the world. The Tropical Rainforest in South America has all kinds of neat birds and animals in them but they are very different than the birds and animals in Asia. At first students thought that a Rainforest would have the same animals and birds in them no matter where they were but after they did their research they found that each one is very different. After they found out about the differences in birds and animals they wondered if that would also be true of the plants and they found that the plants and trees in South America were completely different than the plants and trees in Africa and also in Asia.

By the way, did you know that there is a Rainforest in the United States? You’ll never guess where. It’s way out west and north in our state of Washington, but it sure isn’t tropical!

Written by: Tom Brock, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Jun 06, 2014 by Jennifer Williams

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