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Summer reading is cool!

Summer reading is cool!

We hope all of our Shiloh families are enjoying the summer vacation. While it is important to take time to have fun and to enjoy family and friends during the summer, it is also important to make time for reading. Reading over the summer is an excellent way to “keep in shape” for the upcoming school year. In order to do this, please be sure to make reading a desirable activity for your child. Ways to do that include the following: Find reading topics that interest your child; allow him/her to have a comfortable reading spot at home; try to work “reading time” into your summer schedule, and ask your child questions about what s/he is reading. Here are some sample questions you could ask: Tell me what your book is about; why do you think the author wrote this book? Is there a message that the author is trying to tell the reader? Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

To help assist you with some ideas for summer reading, the Shiloh staff has compiled a list of suggested titles. The list can be found by clicking here, and it is also located under the “Announcements” section of our website. Here is the summer reading list: Summer Reading Lists.

Happy reading, Bulldogs!

Written by: Mark Greene
Posted: Jun 24, 2014 by Mark Greene

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