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Central Academy of Technology and Arts Class of 2014

 Central Academy of Technology and Arts is a great school. The mission of Central Academy is clear. You can search for it on the CATA website, you can see it embodied in the school as you travel the hallways and visit the classes, theatres, fields, and offices. But most importantly, you can see it in the faces of our graduating class of 2014, who truly are “Leading the Way” for CATA.
Students at CATA have come together from many different places in Union County to become one community. Some of our students are from families that have lived in Union County for a long time, some of our families moved to Union County from other cities, states, and countries not that long ago. But together we form one school, one community. We are rich in diverse beliefs, cultures, passions, thoughts, talents, and styles. But we are one in that we made a choice to come to Central Academy to pursue an educational opportunity. That makes each of our graduates - a leader and a risk-taker. Those are titles that many adults still search for, but as a teenager, they have accomplished that and are to be commended.
The talents, skills, and abilities that the CATA Senior Class of 2014 possess are truly remarkable. Congratulations to our 204 graduating seniors!
--127 students are planning on attending a 4 year college or university
--59 students are planning on attending a 2 year community college,
--5 students have enlisted in the military
--13 students beginning their career
Congratulations to each member of the Class of 2014 on their career and college choice!
As of graduation day, the Class of 2014 has reported scholarship awards totaling $11,568,548 for four years. This senior class has been part of our school wide academic accomplishments that include: Above Average SAT and ACT Scores in our school system and in North Carolina, one of the highest overall ranking on End of Course exams in our system, and the highest graduation rate in North Carolina for a school our size. Our athletes, with your support, have also earned, for the first time in CATA history, the Conference Wells Fargo Cup for best overall athletic program. Our chorus and band have earned superior marks at their Musical Performance Assessments. Our Theatre Academy has won the North Carolina Theatre Conference two times over the past three years, been nominated for 18 Blumey Awards for high school musicals, and has made it to the SouthEastern Theatre Conference Competition twice in the past three years, earning 14 awards and being THE winner at SETC this year with The Parchman Hour.
Central Academy of Technology and Arts Class of 2014 is commended on seizing each of these opportunities and expanding your horizons!

Written by: K.Fisenne
Posted: Jun 27, 2014 by Kim Fisenne

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