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Sardis Students Support a Special Soldier

CW2 Christopher Hesse is shown here with the banner created by Miss Cooper's second grade class.

Many students and staff members at Sardis have family members serving in the military.  One connection to the Sardis family is CW2 Christopher Hesse, a Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army.  Chris is the son in-law of Sardis teacher assistant, Judy Shannon.  Hesse is currently serving in Afghanistan and has been deployed there since early June, 2014.  Early in May, Mrs. Shannon’s daughter, Laura got the idea to have lots of people write special letters and cards to send to her husband, Chris. She wanted cards and letters to be there when he would arrive in June.  She contacted friends and family members so they could write letters to him and she collected them all to create a large box of letters.

Mrs. Shannon thought that he would enjoy receiving letters from some Sardis students, too.  So, in May 2014, second grade classes wrote letters or postcards to him.  In addition, Miss. Mathison’s third graders wrote to him.  Many of the students drew pictures and decorated their writing with red, white and blue designs.  Miss Cooper’s second grade class also created a Thank You banner as a nice addition to the “Letter Box” for Chris.

Chris is attached to the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 159th Regiment, Bravo Company.  He received student letters and the banner on July 16th and stated, “I received the box with all the letters.  It was awesome.  I really enjoyed reading them.  Thought you could show this picture to the kids.  Tell them thanks for me!”

Written by: Blair Austin
Posted: Jul 21, 2014 by Blair Austin

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