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Year-round school gets off to great start

As with all the year-round schools, there were lots of smiling faces at East Elementary School on the first day of school. (Below) A father says goodbye after dropping off his daughter at Walter Bickett Elementary. An elementary school student goofs for the camera on the first day of school at East Elementary.

School bells sounded yesterday signaling the start of the year-round calendar and the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.

UCPS Safety Director Jarrod McCraw said there were no major problems reported at either the schools or with the school system’s buses.

Monique Gregg and Stephen Montague brought their daughter, Alaina Montague, 5, for her first day of kindergarten at Walter Bickett Elementary School.

“She’s been looking forward to this day forever,” Gregg said. “She’s so excited. If she was upset, it would be harder, but she’s so excited so it’s okay.”

East Elementary School was 

fairly indicative of the first day at all the year-round schools.

“The energy level has been high,” said the school’s principal, Denny Ferguson. “The teachers are pumped. Our students walked in the building ready to learn. That was the one resounding thing I saw this morning. I'm already walking in classes and seeing that students are getting to know each other, but the teachers are already getting into content.”

“Things went very smoothly,” said Walter Bickett Elementary principal Tom Childers. “Lots of excited faces. Those students who didn’t make it to open house were anxious to find out who their 


were, but there was plenty of staff members in the hallway to give that information. Overall, it was a very good start.”

Childers brought in the concept of bag breakfast to Walter Bickett Elementary, a program he began at his former school, Marshville Elementary.

Michele Bain, Walter Bickett cafeteria manager, said the bags go to every students and changes every day. The bags contain a variety of item, including yogurt, cereal, sausage biscuit or cinnamon bun. It also has a piece of fruit and juice.

“There’s no wait for the kids. As fast as they can walk through the line, and pick up their bag they can go to class,” Childers said. “It also provides a second chance breakfast for those who come in at 7:45 or 8 a.m. they 

can get breakfast as well.”

Ferguson, a new principal at East Elementary, said he is excited about the coming school year. “We have so many amazing people and things going on at the school,” he said.

“We plan to continue the momentum of what is working and we’re aiming for a shared vision between the teachers and the community to help direct what we want to accomplish at East,” Ferguson said.

Students who attend school on the traditional calendar will begin school Aug. 25, 2014, while Union County Early College students began classes today (Aug. 5, 2014).


Written by: Deb Coates Bledsoe, UCPS Communications Coordinator
Posted: Aug 05, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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