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Indian Trail 101


At Indian Trail, it is our SHARED VISION that ALL stakeholders in our school are positive, caring leaders; collaborating and continuously learning to make a difference, unlocking the potential, competence, and confidence in all!

The following document is an overview of what Indian Trail Elementary is all about.  Please read through carefully because we think a lot of your questions may be able to be answered with the following information.


For the first 10 days of school, parents may walk their children into school.  We just ask that you make the drop off as brisk as possible and not to linger because of our limited parking.  On September 8, we celebrate our “Independence Day” by requesting that students start to walk alone to class each morning.  We have safety patrol at every corner, support teachers in the hallways and our teachers are at the classroom doors to greet our students every day.  We encourage our students to be independent leaders.  On September 8, visitors may join us for lunch!

If your child is a bus rider, you will get a letter from the transportation department the week before school begins.  It is our schoool policy that students only ride the bus to which they are assigned.  Students may not ride home with friends or relatives on another bus. 

If your child will be a car rider, you will need to get a car rider hang tag for your car at our Open House.  The car rider line begins to unload students at 7:00 am.  Our line moves the quickest between 7:00-7:15.  Traffic tends to get backed up around 7:15 on the main road which can cause a tardy arrival.  It is best to avoid the car rider line after 7:20.  Car traffic should NOT come into the driveway from Indian Trail Rd near our large tree.  This interferes with our bus, van and prek procedures.  As you approach the school in the line to drop off your child, have kisses and last minute breakfast eating completed to help us keep the line moving.  Also, it helps if students are on the right side of the car with floorboards free from clutter that can fall out or impede exiting the car.  With limited staff, we cannot open all doors for the cars in the line.  The adults are there to monitor, greet and help direct.  Once your child is out of the car, you may carefully pull to the left to exit.     In addition, the only parking on the left side of the school is for faculty.  We also do not have an adult in that area outside in the morning.  In the afternoon, the car riders begin to dismiss to cars at 2:05.  All car riders must be picked up by 2:30. 

If your child attends a day care in the afternoons, please contact the daycare to find out if it has a system to pick up and drop off students at our school. 

If you are interested in ITES afterschool program, please contact Nancy Adams, our afterschool director, at  704-821-6970.

Not only is arriving to school on time important, but staying the full day is just as important.  We ask that parents not come to remove a child for early dismissal after 1:15.  Again, the end of the day is just as important as the beginning.  Our teachers are instructing up until 1:55 and some classes are at recess or “Encore” classes .  Finding a child on the playground or calling into a classroom to remove a student for dismissal is distracting to the end of the day procedures.  It also is a safety issue high on my list.  Please synergize with us to keep our students safe and engaged from bell to bell.

If you ever need to change transportation for going home, we provide each family with “change of transportation forms” at the start of the year.  You can also write a note to us that must have the date and your signature.   However, we will NOT accept change of transportation via the phone as we cannot guarantee who we are speaking to over the phone.  NO exceptions please.


If your child has a lunch account with UCPS, any funds in the account will transfer to us and the lunch number will remain the same.  If you want to know the amount of money in your child’s account, you can visit:  https://www.k12paymentcenter.com/Default.aspx

On August 20, you will receive a welcome call from your child’s teacher and a reminder about our open house.  You can also use this time to ask any personal questions that you still might have.

Our school supply lists will be posted on ITES website after June 12.  Each grade level determines the needs for supplies.  One item your child will need is a set of ear buds/ear phones to be used in the computer lab.  We store them for each class and as long as the child takes care of them, they will be used each year he/she is with us.

You need to be aware of one part of our dress code policy , we do not allow flip flops or shoes that are strapless around the ankle.  This policy is in place for safety reasons.  It does not apply to the adults in the building because they do not have a history of getting hurt when they wear them.  A few times a year, we do allow flip flops with the agreement to be extra safe at recess. You will be notified when this occurs.

If your child is in the AIG program, he/she will also be in our AIG program.  The same curriculum is used and the same pacing guide is used.  Our AIG teacher is Sandra Sumner.  She can be reached at Sandra.sumner@ucps.k12.nc.us  She will have a separate curriculum night around the second week of September.  You will get more details about this once school begins. 

Three years ago, our staff began exploring the use of student data notebooks to take the place of progress reports.  We still utilize this successful method of communication in all grade levels (k-5).  Each grade level determines the content and students utilize the notebooks to set goals and monitor their own progress.  We are always open to feedback if you desire for there to be more information  in the notebooks.  We thrive on continuous improvement and continuous learning.

In our quest to learn more about data notebooks, we discovered an educational initiative called The Leader in Me.  It is based on Stephen and Sean Covey’s 7 Habits.  We visited other schools in the state that were implementing and became even more interested.  After two years of implementing the 7 Habits our own way, we made the commitment to go forward with full implementation.  Our PTO and parents supported the commitment (which came with  a price tag) and we worked hard to raise the money to fund our training and materials.  We are proud to be the first school in UCPS to embark on this journey.  We have successfully completed one year of Leader in Me with no regrets.  Some schools implement the Leader in Me to improve test scores or improve behavior.  That was not our mission.  We believe in empowering students to be leaders.  We want students to be responsible for their learning.  And the best thing we have experienced with it is also a transformation in the adults of Indian Trail.  Our staff and parents utilize the 7 Habits as well. So, we have voted to move forward with it again this upcoming year.  We also have a goal to become a “Lighthouse” school where we are guiding other schools to adopt the leadership focus on the 7 Habits.  We are halfway to accomplishing “Lighthouse Status”.  We will have two focus areas this upcoming year to help us move forward.  The first involves the data notebooks and student led conferences.  The second involves improving the exterior of our school to make it more inviting and visibly noticed as a leadership school.  We want to create a “Leadership Garden” where each class has an area of focus.  If you want to know more about The Leader in Me, please visit, http://www.theleaderinme.org/ and click on the “PARENTS”  tab at the top of the page.  Again there is a price tag with this, so our first fundraiser in the fall will focus on this initiative to build a culture of leadership that focuses on independence and interdependence.





So, what are the 7 Habits?  The first three habits focus on skills and attributes of independence, while the next three habits focus on skills and attributes of interdependence.  The 7th habit centers on continuous improvement and maintaining balance in life:







Responsibility, initiative, self confidence



Vision, planning, goal setting



Integrity, organization, time management








Ethics, manners, conflict management, mutual respect, relationship building, courage



Listening, empathy, presentation skills, honesty



Teamwork, problem solving, creativity, valuing differences








(Body, Mind, Brain, and Soul)

Sustainability, care for body and hygiene, emotional stability, fun, desire to learn, technical skills, pursuit of meaningful work


We also implement Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS).  It allows us to have school wide rules and expectations.  We call these rules our PACK rules:  Participate, Act Safely, Cooperate and Be Kind.  When our students are caught going above and beyond to do these things, they often are given individual PACK paws.  Our students collect paws and have opportunities to trade them in for various rewards.  In addition, when a class is making good choices and they get caught, the class also earns “class paws”.  When a class earns 100 paws, they get to choose a celebration of their choice.  


Candice Boatright (Candice.boatright@ucps.k12.nc.us)


Written by: Kristine Judy
Posted: Aug 13, 2014 by Kristine Judy

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