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Guest Reader Fireman Joins Fire Drill at Waxhaw Elementary

Guest Reader, Mr. Hans Speck, models fire drill procedures with Mrs. Meagan Plyler's second grade class.

"And our first guest reader is..."  It was so quiet in Mrs. Plyler’s second grade classroom, you could have heard a pin drop. The smiling students were eagerly awaiting the announcement of the first guest reader for the school year.

Every Friday morning, Mrs. Plyler’s class hosts a guest reader from their own community, the town of Waxhaw. The goal of having local guest readers is for the students to make connections to their community.  The class’s first guest reader was Mr. Hans Speck , who read to the class his favorite book, Curious George.  Mr. Speck attended Waxhaw Elementary when he was a  child and talked to the class about the ways our school was the same and different from the past. Mr. Speck now serves our community by being a firefighter for the Waxhaw Fire Department.  

During his visit, the fire alarms blared and the lights began flashing!  The first fire drill of the year had begun.  Mr. Speck, as a good citizen, quietly exited the building in line with the second grade class.  After reaching their designated location, Mr. Speck moved to the far end of the line and modeled perfect fire drill behavior.  The students were awed by his presence and his obvious respect for fire drill procedures. Afterwards, Mr. Speck was full of compliments for the class and the school for an excellent fire drill.

After such an impressive beginning, Mrs. Plyler’s class is very excited to see who the next guest reader will be!

Written by: Meagan Plyler, Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Aug 31, 2014 by Dana Sullivan

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