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CATA Recycles!

Recycling has become a tradition here at CATA. Over the past seven years, CATA students and faculty have recycled paper, plastics, aluminum cans and batteries in the classrooms. This year CATA has extended our recycling efforts inside the cafeteria. There are brand new recycling and trash receptacles in several locations around the cafeteria. Students and faculty are encouraging each other to use these new bins correctly. Ms. Kopchick’s Earth/Environmental students helped educate the students during lunches. They talked to their fellow classmates during each lunch period and explained the new system. The new receptacles are clearly marked. Only aluminum cans and plastic bottles are to go into the recycle bins. All food scraps, trays, napkins and other trash must go into the trash bins. If trash ends up in the recyclables, we will have to throw out the entire bag. Ms. Kopchick’s students, along with the Environmental Club, will continue to encourage the proper technique.

CATA is also working together with Interstate Batteries to recycle all different types of batteries. Bring in your dead batteries to Ms. Kopchick. Everyone uses batteries, in your camera, camcorder, remote controls, calculators,  power tools, or any portable electronic product,  so don’t throw them away, bring them in to be recycled! Recycling batteries keeps all hazardous metal in the same place, rather than spreading it all over landfills

Recycling papers, plastics, metals and batteries remains a good environmental policy and saves natural resources! The CATA family continues to be stewards of the environment.


Written by: K. Kopchick
Posted: Sep 02, 2014 by Kim Fisenne

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