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4th Graders at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts Create a Buzz About the Books They Read

Fourth grade students with redesigned cereal boxes.

Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts 4th grade readers recently got excited and created a buzz about their books. They got so animated that they wanted to share what they love about their books with others. They did this by creating cereal boxes highlighting their favorite book, author or series.

The students redesigned cereal boxes by making a panel of characters, a summary, a cover, and a new name. Some of our favorites were Readooos, Book Bits, Frosted Readers and a rated the book(s). It was a busy arts integration week in 4th grade.

We also practiced our inferencing skills by playing charades, looking at Chris Van Allsburg images or creating our own illustration/drawing for our partner to infer. We also practiced theme by linking common themes in books with popular music (thank you Mr. Wagner). One popular one was Michael Jackson’s man in the Mirror.


Written by: Mrs. Marci Micciantuono, BHESA 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Sep 05, 2014 by Elizabeth Potter

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