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Over 23,000 Lenovo Chromebooks in the Hands of UCPS Students

UCPS student receiving their Chromebook.
As the school year progresses students across UCPS at the secondary level will continue entering classrooms with their Chromebook in hand. Currently and over the past several weeks Desktop Support Engineers, with the help of other designees, have been issuing devices to students. Each school was given the opportunity to customize their Chromebook rollout to best meet the needs of the students and parents affiliated with their school.

Parents and students were required to sign an agreement accepting responsibility for the use and care of their Chromebook. Students are excited to have their devices for the school year. One student from Parkwood Middle School commented on receiving her device, “The Chromebook is a big help to me when I am studying for tests and quizzes.” Her fellow classmate also commented, “I like how Google Drive allows me to work on group projects easily and collaborate with other team members.”

Chromebooks were cleaned and updated over the summer in an effort to provide students an optimal learning experience. Students are able to add UCPS approved educational apps to their devices and store their work in the cloud.

Written by: Becky Swiger, Instructional Technology Facilitator
Posted: Sep 08, 2014 by Rebecca Swiger

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