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Fifth graders pledge to make a difference

JJ Adams (top) and Taylor Shoun write their pledges to Make a Difference.

Every morning at Waxhaw Elementary School, students are issued a challenge.  Make a difference today.  The fifth graders in Ms. Sullivan's class have decided to take that challenge one step further and extend it beyond the walls of their classroom.

The activity was simple.  Think of ways that you can make a difference in your home, our classroom, our school, and our community.  The students got excited thinking of ways they could leave their marks on the world.  They talked about their first challenge being one that helps children who have cancer, since September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  

Once the challenge had been extended, students then wrote their pledges to accept their new roles as Difference Makers.  They explained how they would take a little piece of their hearts and smiles into the world right around them.  

Written by: Dana Sullivan, Fifth Grade Teacher
Posted: Sep 09, 2014 by Dana Sullivan

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