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SVES Hallways Gleam With Pride

From right to left: Dr. Terri Cooper & Mr. Dwight Thompson pose in front of new signage in main hallway.

Faculty, staff, and students of Sun Valley Elementary School were surprised to find their hallways gleaming with pride and symbols of what they stand for as a community.

Over the summer, Principal Dr. Terri Cooper designed, purchased, and had hung the following words in the school’s main hallway: Spartans, Learners, Leaders, Family, and Stars. School colors gold and burgundy were used to decorate the school’s new signage. Logos of a book, Spartan helmet, Award Ribbon, and stars continue to decorate the words: Learners, Spartans, Leaders, and Stars.

Exceptional Children’s Grade Level Chair Jamar Bellamy said, “I think that the new signage is very welcoming for our new families when they come into the school. I think that they like the way it looks. It makes the school look presentable and makes them feel more comfortable coming into the school.”

Fourth grader James Merritt in Ms. Welsh’s class said, “I think that the new signs in the hallway tell us that we are leaders. They also show us that we are learners, Spartans, and family. I think that it shows the new kids coming we are all united and that we are all part of Sun Valley Elementary.”

Exceptional Children’s Teacher Clansetta Evans said, “I think the signage we have in the hallways lets the new individuals come in and see what we stand for. We stand for leadership. We stand for learning. We stand for family, and we encourage our families and our children to be the best learners that they can be. Those families are a very important part of who we are as well.”

After posting the new signage on the school’s Facebook page, community members have openly embraced Sun Valley Elementary’s new look.

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Sep 12, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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